Our sun.  Our technology.  Our jobs.

South Africa’s solar industry is only just emerging.  But as it does, it will need to implement solutions that work in South Africa, for South Africa.  And in so doing, we may just show the rest of the world a thing or two.

The fact is, the sun is one of Africa’s most abundant resources.  Just the solar energy falling on South Africa alone each year is more than ten times the amount used by the entire world in the same period.  So how do use this resource effectively?  And how can we build a solar industry that is sustainable and contributes to the much-needed socio-economic growth of South Africa? 

AftriTrak can make a contribution to these challenges.  

AfriTrak is a solar tracking system entirely invented, developed and manufactured in South Africa.  It is designed to operate efficiently in our harsh climate; make optimal use of the abundance of solar energy available to us; whilst also offering an opportunity for economic development and job creation. 



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